Activation Sessions

Remote Energy Field and Chakra Clearing/Repair/Activation Sessions

In Depth Energy Field Clearing and Repair 
Clearing and repair of all levels of the energy field and general chakra clearing. 

In Depth Entity Removal:
Energy field clearing and repair, deep scan for entities and attachments, etheric implants, extra Souls, etc; de-possession of dark energies, both astral/demonic and negative ET. De- posessions can take multiple sessions of work, depending on the nature of the possession. Email for further details on this work.

In Depth Chakra Clearing and Repair:

This clearing includes research and energy removal of past life blocks and repair of etheric damage and a host of other clearing and removal techniques aimed at creating most suitable opening of the chakras. Ideally one would go through one chakra at a time, slowly over a period of time. The chakra is the focal point of the clearing, but much past life and Akashic record research and karmic clearing is part of the process of chakra activation also. Alongside the energy surgery required at each level.

Most people have some degree of blockage in all chakras. However typically the most damaged are the Sacral Chakra (sexual abuse issues in past lives), the solar plexus (power issues in past lives) and the third eye (psychic damage issues from past lives). All chakras need to be cleared and aligned for optimum energy function. Once cleared, the alignment can lead to the right setting for the spontaneous awakening of the full circulation of light around and inside the body. As well as the base for spontaneous activation of the light body. While having clear chakras and fully functioning light vehicles  can be considered a "spiritual adept" path, this is not quite so at this time of transformation and increased light on the Earth plane. When the light rises beyond a certain point, clear chakras are required to be able to handle the increased voltage. Clear chakras and well conducting energy fields are going to be increasingly important from now on, as the energies reaching Earth increase exponentially.
Prices for chakra clearing and repair services are here are quoted as averages, but in some cases damage/repair may be extensive or minimal, requiring a different, higher or lower,  fee. Always ask me for a quote for your specific case when requesting information about this work.Work on more than one chakra is possible for people who are already relatively clear. Bulk discount for ongoing work can be negotiated on request. In the latter case, payment is up front but work may unfold in multiple sessions over a several months period, as integration needs require.

Single chakra work which is extensive, such as connected to a major life theme, may require multiple sessions carried out over a period of time. All work, unless specifically guided, is done remotely, with notes of work to follow.Occasionally, usually when there are major blockages or a deeper life theme, in person phone or Skype work may also be required. The sessions prices quoted are for a single session. A sliding scale (10% to 25% price reduction) is available for most sessions, subject to availability. Feel free to email me at regarding your situation. If further sessions are needed, they will be charged as quoted on a case by case basis.

Two follow up clarification questions regrading each stage of the work are included in the session price. If you have a lot of questions or questions that are not the work, but about other topics, I ask you book a follow up session.

  • Earth to Body Chakras 
  • Root Chakra Intensive 
  • Sacral Chakra Intensive
  • Solar Plexus Intensive
  • Heart Chakra Intensive (Heart chakra is deeply linked to inner child issues and past lives and Inner Child, Past Life and Soul Sessions are recommended if you are seeking healing for deep heart chakra wounds)
  • Throat Chakra Intensive 
  • Third Eye and Pineal Gland Intensive
  • Crown Chakra Intensive 
  • Head Energy Grid and Chakra Alignment  Intensive 
  • Crown to Soul Bridge 
  • Soul Chakras - (Connecting to Soul Session recommended as follow up - see below)
  • Above Soul Chakras - Quote on a case by case basis (many people are not ready for this activation, so please inquire specifically)


        Deepening the Work:
        Inner Child, Past Lives, Soul and Multidimensionality Sessions

         Clearing the chakras energetically can unveil deeper life themes, which often have both childhood and past life roots and which can require deeper investigation and more interactive participation. While energy work can take care of much, the major themes in our life often require full awareness and will to shift. Also to learn how to make use of the higher chakras and Soul chakras, sessions for connecting with ones Soul self and multidimensional aspects and higher guidance can be useful, as well as interesting. Therefore, optional, but recommended  during or after this work, the sessions listed below may be useful on your evolutionary voyage. Or you may be drawn to these sessions first, instead of towards clearing work. Always trust your own guidance as to what is best for your needs.

        • Sub-Personality Work - Including Inner Child
        • Past Life Regression/ Karma Exploration 
        • Soul Records Sweep and Soul Defragmentation- A general sweep of Soul Records (including clearing of Debris Karma,Vows, Contracts) and Soul Structure Repair- Remote session 
        • Soul Trauma Clearing Work 
        • Connecting with your Soul Self
        • Connecting Soul to Soul - Understanding and Healing Relationship at the Soul Level
        • Exploring Soul Origins
        • Connecting to your Multidimensional Aspects 
        • Connecting with your Guides and Councils

        Awakening Your Light Body Mentoring Sessions

        I am a graduate (1998) and teacher (2004) of the Awakening Your Light Body method taught by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, as I understand it. I no longer teach this class to groups, but I am available for mentoring sessions, for people who are working through the light body material on their own, working through the recorded course on CD or MP3 on their own. Especially at the beginning people often get stuck and need a clarification of Daben's instructions for moving forward. I am happy to provide assistance with my several years of light body experience to the wonderful people who decide to travel this excellent path for accelerated growth and increased light. It was very valuable to me and I am supportive of all who travel this path.


          Solar Tune Up Activation Session 

          The energies that are now entering the Earth plane due to shifts at the Solar System level are very powerful, with both positive and challenging aspects.These energies are powerful upper chakra activators and the upper chakras, even in people who are awake and aware, often contain blockages. For example many old Souls have blockages in their third eye due to past lives in which there were issues in relationship to psychic experiences that created a partial shut down of the the third eye. Similar issue can be present regarding the crown chakra, etc. As these new energies powerfully trigger the upper chakras into awakening, blockages in this area also get activated. The energies that we are preparing to receive are so intense that they can create issues such as dizziness, lack of balance, inflammation (especially in the head area), fatigue and even nervous system disturbances. They can also create emotional disturbances such as irritability, short tempers, emotional release and mood swings. So I am now offering remote clearing and healing sessions aimed solely at clearing, upgrading and activating the energy field/chakra system and energy pathways, in preparation from the new potent energies that are currently being activated as the Sun goes into awake mode.

          These new remote sessions are intended to:
          • clean up and repair of the energy field, energy pathways and chakras
          • upgrade of the chakra system, so as to be able to hold more light
          • minimize negative effects of solar voltage increase
          • optimize the positive effects related to the incoming energies, such as increased clairvoyance, awareness and consciousness 
          • support in activating new energy levels  of being within you that are dormant 
          • optimize energy flow, so that you may be able to receive and utilize more of the energies coming in
          • support the nervous system and body, so as to avoid energy burn

          Sessions include the initial email exchange between us, about one hour of remote precision energy work on your energy system, including energy upgrades and activations specific to your particular case; roughly one typed page of notes with details of your clearing, plus two clarification questions about the work. If more questions or work are requires after that, you will need to book a follow up session and I will quote you on a case by case basis as to costs.

          These sessions are done remotely (i.e. we communicate via email, I do the energy work at a distance and then send you brief notes of the healing work that occurred). We (myself and my angelic team) clear your energy field and chakras that need clearing and work on each chakra as guided, with activations that are individual to each person.

          I highly recommend you get this work done, especially if you are already experiencing symptoms, as the energies are going to be increasing exponentially from here on. Even if you have already been on the path for a while, these energies are new and are requiring a whole different kind of expansion and adjustment from our upper chakras, energy pathways and energy field. Consider it an upgrade on your Energy System Hardware as the Energy Software goes from Light from Sun.0 to Light from Sun.2 ;-) Big incoming energetic software needs an upgraded machine to run ;-) These sessions are intended as an upgrade of your system, so you can hold an increased flow with ease :-)

          Session prices are quoted on a case by case basis. For inquiries on any of these sessions or to book your placement, email me at

          Much love and blessings

          Katie plus Cosmic Councils